was designed to fulfill
employees’ needs
Give your employees access to massive savings and discounts and have the flexibility to create benefits programs that best match your overall organizational strategy.
Reduce cost of servicing benefits -
in times of inflation and cost cutting, offer your team more at a lower costs
Core benefits supporting employee savings
Increase employee quality of life with benefits and exclusive discounts. Everyone in your company can have access to savings on everyday expenses and benefit from offers across MENA service provides. Whether food, travel, groceries, taxis and so much more, MyBenefits has something meaningful for everyone.
Rewards that make your team feel even more awesome
Save money on rewards and get enhanced insights on your team's preferences. Whether birthdays or work anniversaries can help you manage rewards and gifts and greatly increase your employees' happiness and engagement rates.
Flexible benefits that are tailored to any lifestyle
Give your employees the ability to discover and select personalized benefits from the get go. Give them personal allowances through the MyBenefits platform to spend on a curated list of categories that includes school fees, wellbeing, restaurants and more. MyBenefits also handles invoices and can simply manage refunds from a provided budget.
A global benefits program
that's easy to manage
API integration

MyBenefits is compatible with teams and organizations of any size. We are currently available in UAE, KSA, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. Over 100,000 employees use our system across 300 different companies.

Add existing offers and hide brands you don't want to see. You are in full control over the system. Effectively engage your team with targeted communication related to benefit announcements and notifications.

MyBenefits can be accessed using the most frequently-used Single Sign-On (SSO) systems like Azure, OCTA or Onelogin.

Web Apps
Web app platforms can be accessed from both personal and work devices and can run on most web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Our admin dashboard is intuitive and super user-friendly.
iPhone users can enjoy MyBenefits on their personal and work phones. iOS software updates run in the background, so employees always have the latest version of MyBenefits.
Android users have access to the most updated version of the MyBenefits app. The Android app works on both personal and work phones alike.
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