Make work better by offering
exclusive employee discounts
to your whole team!
MyBenefits makes it easy to manage and scale employee benefits program for teams of any sizes and lets employees choose benefits that matter most to them.
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Why your team should use
the MyBenefits app?
Give employees enhanced flexibility
Make administration so much easier
Align MyBenefits to your company culture

MyBenefits offers flexible options for all employees and is highly personalizable. Your employees will get to choose the benefits that matter to them the most.

MyBenefits measures and reports on the performance and effectiveness of your employee rewards program and saves you time and effort when managing it.

Support inclusion and diversity with benefits that share the same brand elements and ethos with your company.

One platform for
multiple needs
Core benefits supporting employee savings
Rewards that make your team feel awesome
Flexible benefits that fit every lifestyle

Increase your employees' quality of life by helping them maximize on their savings and discounts on everyday expenses with MyBenefits. Find exclusive savings from food, fashion, travel and so much more.

Show your appreciation and make your employees feel like the star. Whether a birthday or anniversary, MyBenefits can help facilitate a tailored reward for the employee(s) in question!

Offer employees personal allowances to spend on a curated list of categories from school fees to wellbeing and more. Improve their mood and contribute to their quality of life.

A curated collection of benefits
to fit any lifestyle
Everyone has different tastes, wants, needs and likes! MyBenefits offers flexible benefits in categories tailored to your Total Rewards policies. Your team can spend their allocated budget on benefits that slot in directly with their lifestyle in categories that you defines. The MyBenefits app can also manage purchases and invoice reimbursements through an easy-to-use automated system.
Health & Fitness
Family Care
Personal Travel
An awesome tool for amazing results
Insights & reporting
Tailor-made solution
Payment integration
Measure and report on the effectiveness of your benefits program
The MyBenefits admin portal allows you to customize automated reports for payroll and accounting purposes. It also allows you to monitor employee needs and their purchasing habits, giving them the ability to make faster and smarter decisions.
MyBenefits is massively customizable
to your organization
MyBenefits is a platform that is branded and customized for each organization and is exclusive to their employees. Both web and mobile apps can be customized with company logos, colors and partners that fit their culture and ethos.
Save time sorting out expenses –
manage all expenses in one place
MyBenefits can handle employees' budget allocations and on site payments. If the desired supplier is not listed, employees can upload invocies and receive refund from their provided budget. Of course, you can track and follow all transactions made with MyBenefits.
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